Battle For TEN


Year XX12, Dragons and humans lived in harmony until a day came when dragon’s greed for treasures took over them and they attacked the humans, starting the age of war and cruelty. The dragons were so powerful that no human could stand a chance and thus ten heroes have stood back to back to fight the dragons and put an end to their cruelty. Years have passed and the warriors have become more used to fighting with dragons. The peace was almost in reach of their hands. But, this was only an illusion as the dragons have been tricking them to let their guards down. On the night of XX31, dragon king of curses - Drakologgia have gathered all of the dragons to make the final attack and kill all of the heroes on the continent. Just as the dragons planned, the heroes were not ready for the attack and they were mercilessly killed one by one. Thus, the legend of ten heroes have ended and to remind everyone of their bravery the remaining humans of the continent named the continent they lived on, TEN. This would have been the end of the story if not for the child of the heroes who would promise to avenge his parents and kill every single dragon in existence.
Ten years has passed and the boy named Igneel grew to become the strongest warrior that has ever lived on the continent. He has been killing the dragons over the years and the time has finally come for his battle with Drakologgia. The fierce battle has went on for 40 days and nights. Finally, Drakologgia has overpowered the hero and when he went for the final blow to finish him with his ultimate technique - fire breath, the time stops and the essence of old heroes appear giving Igneel enough power to overpower and end the Drakologgia. Thus, the end of era has come. Or did it? Due to immense amount of curse power being released from the Drakologgia’s body, Igneel transforms into the very creature that he swore to kill. Thus, he became the last and strongest dragon which has ever roamed the continent of TEN.
Year XX99, due to immense amount of $BFT in the ruins of the continent, it has become the wealthiest continent on the planet. Existence of such wealth has peaked the interest of other continents and they have decided to combine their strength, make an attack on TEN and steal the treasures. Each continent selected their strongest warriors and with their combined strength they have set foot to the continent of TEN and attacked Igneel. The immense power and treasures awaits them. Will their strength be enough to become victorious in the battle and take all of the $BFT or will Igneel defend the continent and end their greedy lives?
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