Battle For TEN

How To Earn?

How To Earn?
Battle For TEN is a double currency online game. The Dragon Eggs is the currency which is used to purchase Equipment and Abilities. In addition, the official token of Battle for TEN - $BFT is also an in-game currency which can be used to purchase champions and also be used as a cryptocurrency aside from the game.
There are multiple ways to earn $BFT. The daily BFT reward for 5 PvP games is the easiest way to earn $BFT tokens. Depending on the level of the champion that you are playing with $BFT rewards will change accordingly.
Average ROI - 20 days. See ROI Calculator on​
Champion LV
Amount of champions that can be bought
Daily Amount of $BFT per 5 wins. Once per day.
LV 1 Champion
100 (20 of each type)
1 500 000$BFT
50 000 $BFT
LV 2 Champion
75 (15 of each type)
6 000 000 $BFT
220 000 $BFT
LV 3 Champion
50 (10 of each type)
15 000 000$BFT
600 000 $BFT
Another way of earning $BFT is through Tournaments which will start being held regularly each quarter for the top players with top prizes such as Tesla Model 3 and much more.
Lastly, you can earn $BFT through betting with your friends and foes. Through our $BFT betting system, choose the amount that you want to bet for a PvP game. Both players combine the amount in a pool and the winner takes all of the $BFT at the end of the game.
How to earn Dragon Eggs?
Each time a player wins a game against Igneel, you gain Dragon Eggs. There is a random chance of dropping either 5 000, 7 500 or 10 000 Dragon eggs which can be used to purchase Abilities and Equipment in game. As the game progresses, these will help you in battles against Igneel’s powerful forms, score higher on the Leaderboard and get a chance of winning Grand Prizes in the Tournaments.
What is Equilibri?
Equilibri is the system that Battle For TEN has in place to prolong the future of the game. The main purpose is automatically regulating how much $BFT is being taken out as rewards daily. According to the amount of $BFT withdrawn the Equilibri will change accordingly. It starts at 0% and increases up to 20%. The higher limit is set at 10 000 000 $BFT per day. As an example, if more than 10 000 000 $BFT will be withdrawn from the game during a single day, the Equilibri will be set at 20% for the next 24 hours.